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SADSAC is committed to saving the lives of companion animals, but we are a small group with limited resources. We get many calls every day from owners wanting to surrender their pets to us. While we wish with all our hearts that we could help every dog and cat, we are simply unable to accept any new animals at this time.

There are many problems that cause owners to feel they must give up a pet, but often there are solutions to these problems that stop short of finding the animal a new home. The Humane Society of the United States Pet Care page offers some wonderful suggestions to owners who are struggling to find solutions to their pet troubles. The American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals may also provide information that could help. Another source with excellent options and resources is Can We Help You Keep Your Pet?

If the reasons for surrendering your pet are insurmountable, please don't just abandon your pet! Animals that are dropped off in the woods or by the roadside are all too often injured or killed by automobiles, or they may fall victim to other injury or to wild animals in the area. They are domestic creatures with no idea how to survive on their own. Their lives are short and miserable without a caring owner. The Humane Society if the United States offers Guidelines for Finding a Responsible Home for a Pet which may be helpful.

You may post your pet on, place an advertisement in local newspapers, and check with friends and co-workers. These courses take some time, so please make sure to allow enough opportunity for your efforts to be successful! Also check with other rescue groups or see if you can locate a no-kill shelter in the area. While they, too, may be crowded, at least your pet will have a chance it won't have if it is abandoned.

Included here are some additional animal rescue groups in Northern Virginia, Washington, DC, and Maryland that may be able to assist you.

Alley Cat Allies202-667-3630
Animal Allies703-940-9183
Animal Welfare League of Alexandria703-838-4774
Feline Foundation703-920-8665
Golden Retriever Rescue, Education,
and Training, Inc.
Homeless Animal Rescue Team703-691-4278
Labrador Rescue703-368-3219
Lab Rescue of LRCP, Inc. 301-299-6756
Northern Virginia Animal League
Pet Assistance League703-441-9310
Prevent A Litter Coalition, Inc.703-818-8009
Prince William Co. Animal Shelter703-792-6465
Wildlife Rescue League703-391-8625


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