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What Is a Feral Cat Anyway? -- Answers to frequently asked questions about feral cats.

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Printer-Friendly Adoption Application
Adoptable Pets
Smokey (kitten)
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Adoption FAQs -- Answers to frequently asked questions about our adoption process.

Adopting Feral Cats -- Some tips to help make the adoption of these wonderful creatures a success.

Adopted -- Some happy endings!

In Memoriam -- A tribute to our pets waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

Wish List -- Contribution information, our wish list, affiliates, and CFC designation.
Pet Portraits for You

Things to Consider before Adopting

Why do you want a pet?
Do you want a dog or a cat?
Do you want a puppy/kitten or an adult?
Do you prefer a male or female?
What breed are you considering?
Will the pet you are considering fit into your lifestyle?
Will you provide the basic care your pet will need for its entire life?
Will you be able to meet your pet's medical needs?
Will you train your pet in basic good manners?
For More Information
Rec.pets.dogs Activities FAQ
Rec.pets.dogs Breed FAQ
Rec.pets.cats FAQ

Spaying and Neutering--Myths and Facts

ASPCA Why Spay and Neuter?
HSUS Myths and Facts About Spaying and Neutering
HSUS Why You Should Spay or Neuter Your Pet Low Cost Spay/Neuter Programs
The Dog Hause Spay and Neuter Page

If You Cannot Keep Your Pet -- Suggestions, rescue groups & phone numbers.

HSUS Pet Care
HSUS Guidelines for Finding a Responsible Home for a Pet
Can We Help You Keep Your Pet?

Alley Cat Allies
Animal Allies
Animal Welfare League of Alexandria
Feline Foundation
Golden Retriever Rescue, Education, and Training, Inc.
Homeless Animal Rescue Team
Lab Rescue of LRCP, Inc.
Prevent A Litter Coalition, Inc.
Wildlife Rescue League

Helpful Books

Other Links -- Information sources and other rescue groups.

AdvoCATs, Inc.
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Fauquier SPCA
Golden Hearts with Paws
Humane Society of Fairfax County
Humane Society of the United States
Internet Lost and Found
Pet Net
Rec.Pets.Dogs FAQ Homepage
Rec.Pets.Cats FAQ Homepage
Shelter Friends
The Shiloh Project
Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge

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