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Spring 2006

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President's Message
CFC United Way and Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign
Purina Labels
Special Thanks

President's Message

This spring finds me racing around (as usual) seeding the pastures, mucking the stalls, getting ready for horse show season, scooping litter boxes and finding time to throw the ball for these crazy border collies of mine. Somehow in between work and work and, well, work, I have been able to help a few furry friends along the way. We helped a dog with a foreign body surgery (the offending foreign body in this case was a corn cob), a cat that was “blocked” (couldn’t urinate) and a ton of various other dogs and cats, along with a few ferals and owner give ups along the way.

The thing that strikes me more than anything else is just how fast they all keep coming! This year we have been financially stretched to the limit. So many other tragedies have taken place, such as the hurricanes that shift our focus from the problems in our area to the problems of our distant neighbors who have lost everything. I cannot imagine if I were ever forced to make the horrible decision to leave my pets behind.

Now I know you are tired of hearing the readiness/disaster plan speech, but when it comes to your animals, please consider microchipping them. If they ever get lost, it just may be their ticket home. SADSAC sells these chips for a donation price of $40.00. Many rescue groups, shelters and veterinarians have scanners to identify lost souls. So far we have only found a few with microchips, but in each case we were able to directly identify the owner. One such dog had been adopted from the animal shelter the day before. The owner decided instead of paying the fine and picking up the dog, that they would rather give him up. Thankfully, we were able to find him a loving home.

As usual, I cannot thank enough those of you who support us. As I am presented with each new case, and I look into that little dog’s eyes, or into the wild, frightened eyes of a feral cat, I have been able to continue to say, ok, I can pay for what is needed through SADSAC.

My dogs at my feet and one of my cats stretched across my lap as I type, horses happily munching on hay outside my window, I continue to reach out to you, the contributors, the ones who really make it happen. It is because of you that I can continue this rescue work.

There are too many of you to list, but please know that every volunteer, every donation, every contribution of time, money and encouragement is not taken for granted. Please consider sending a contribution, no matter how small, for our little cause. I promise you I will do my best to spend it wisely.

Thanks again, and have a great spring!

Sherry Meier, President SADSAC

CFC United Way and Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign

SADSAC’s United Way CFC designation number is 3057 if you would like to make a payroll deduction contribution. Also, we are happy to accept monetary donations which are tax deductible. You can drop them by the clinic at Independent Hill or put them in the mail to SADSAC, P.O. Box 972, Dumfries, VA 22026. We’ll do our very best to help all those we can. We can’t do it without you.

We have also been added to the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign. Our designation number with CVC is 3551.


Food Lion Shop and Share

We have signed up with Food Lion's Shop and Share program! Each time you shop at Food Lion and use your MVP card, a portion of your total grocery purchase will be donated to the school, church or other local not-for-profit organization you have selected. Go to the Food Lion site at and click on In the Community, then Lion Shop and Share to select Save a Dog Save a Cat as the organization you wish to receive this donation. Thank you!

Craft Show

We will be participating in a craft show on Nov. 4 at Bethel United Methodist Church from 9AM to 3PM. Please come by and visit us there. We are also in need of donations for the show. If you can contribute any craft items, please contact us at (703) 594-3324!


We are still microchipping at Independent Hill Veterinary Clinic. Please call (703) 791-2083 to make an appointment.

Save Those Purina Labels!

Check your dog and cat food bags for weight circles from Purina Proplan and CNM Rx diets for donation to SADSAC. You can drop them off at the clinic any time. Just tell the receptionist to give them to Sherry. We thank you in advance.

Special Thanks

As always, a few special thank yous are in order:

Jo, Jessie, Michelle, Ashley, Marion & Bryan, Robin, Wendy, Josh, Frankie--Animal Allies, IHVC, Caroline Animal Hospital, Dumfries Animal Hospital, Occoquan Animal Hospital, Cindy, Carol & Joe, Sandy & Fred, Jackie, Mrs. Farley, Mrs. Purnell, Pat, Pam, Gail, Barbara, Maureen, Mr. & Mrs. Turner, Mrs. Sims, Bob & Katy, Andrea, Robin, Candy, Trish, The Talabers, Mark, And so many others…

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