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Here are some of the pets we've been able to place in new homes!

Kishka in shades This is Kishka. He's a senior kitty at 11 or 12 years old, and has obviously settled in happily!Kishka
Thanks to his humans for sending these photos.



SnickersSnickers is one of the first SADSAC rescues! She's about 9 years old and very happy with her family--especially their granddaughter! They tease and chase each other with glee.Snickers



MimiCongratulations to Pat Christopherson, who took in a kitty sight unseen, just because she had been run over by her former owner and needed extensive surgery to pin her leg back together.
Pat reports that Mimi has adjusted nicely to her new home and likes to announce her trips to the kitty box so as to get positive attention from her new mommy.



Janet Boots took in little Elmo. Elmo was dropped off by a man who found him near a dumpster. He had so many fleas he needed a transfusion, but with a little TLC (and a flea bath or two) did just great! Janet gives us constant Elmo updates, ranging from when he learned to play "chase the sock" with his new mommy to the doubling of his weight (twice now) and his many attempts at entertaining everyone by jumping up and sticking on things until he could climb up on his own.



The Sabol family adopted a kitty named Emma. Emma was abandoned by her former owner who moved away and left five cats behind. We hear she is quite pleased in her new home.



Kari and Chris Watts found a little extra room in their hearts for a disadvantaged feral kitty!



Sammy Sammy and Roxie Campbell were adopted during the summer of 1999. Their mom brought in some great photos to share! Roxie



Adopted in 2000

Lexi  Toby  Tigger in the dryer
Lexi, Toby, Tigger
Bruno and Missy
Bruno, Missy



Adopted in 2001

Bogie  Angel  Charlie
Bogie, Angel, Charlie, Shelby (no photo available)

Rho  Junior  Madeline  Darla

Rho, Junior, Madeline, Darla

A1, A3, A4  Birdie  Tika  Spooky

A1, A3, A4, Birdie, Tika, Spooky

Othello  Ethan Bear  Buddy  JJ5

Othello, Ethan Bear, Buddy, JJ5

Hudson  Bre

Hudson, Niko (no photo available), Bre (formerly Hawn)



Recently we were able to help a new owner with her kittens. Adoptive Mom of Lucy and Desi wrote:

Hi, Sherry,
I wanted to thank you for all the wonderful tips you gave me regarding our kittens, Lucy and Desi. Recap: we adopted them when they were 4 months old; their mother was either feral or a domesticated stray and they had a foster mother before coming to our home. I wanted to know how to socialize them and bond with them. You suggested not giving them the run of the house and confining them to a smaller space.

We did that, and it really paid off. They have come a very long way since then. Now they sleep with us, and get on our laps and even come out when guests come over. They still startle easily and don't like to be picked up very much. They won't go upstairs unless we do, and they play and wrestle until they're worn out. They provide hours of entertainment.

We think the problem of Desi's peeing and pooping on the couch has been figured out. Two things contributed to this: the cat food the pet store recommended - our vet switched him to EN, a bland food - and the vet put him on a medication to treat bacteria she suspected he might have. Nothing showed up in the stool sample but apparently something was there.

Thanks again, Sherry, for all your advice. I'm so glad that I found you on the internet. Wishing you a happy holiday.



Adopted in 2002

Slick  Tenga  Brandi  Boo

Slick (formerly Raven), Tenga, Brandi, Boo

Soba  Sassy  Fancy  Lonny

Soba, Sassy, Fancy, Lonny




Adopted in 2003

Cindy  Wilson  Twinkle

Cindy, Wilson, Twinkle



Adopted in 2004

Kirby  Anya  Georgie  Pippin

Kirby, Anya, Georgie, Pippin

Patches  Roscoe  Sergio  Baby

Patches, Roscoe, Sergio, Baby

Greenlee  Patches

Greenlee, Patches




Adopted in 2005





An Update on Tika

Jan. 2006
My husband, Kevin and I are the lucky adoptive parents of Tika (the little Rottie puppy with the blue Elizabethan collar). We noticed that you still have her "baby" picture on

She is now almost 5 years old and very big and healthy. She does not seem to have too many residual effects from her trauma of being attacked. In fact, the opposite ... she is the sweetest puppy dog that I have ever known and I have had dogs all of my life. She loves everyone and eagerly greets man and beast alike. She is loving and sweet, great with kids and with the exception of German Shepherd dogs, she seems to like every dog that she meets as well as kitty cats. Her best friend is a Maine Coon that belongs to Tika's Grandma & Grandpa, my parents. Sebastian, the cat completely rules Tika and Tika loves him and allows it. I have attached a couple of photos for you and your staff to see of how beautiful a dog she has grown to be and to thank you so very much for leading her to us. We are truly blessed with her in our lives and she is our baby and we love her very much.

Thank you very much for all that you do and although funds are tight for us most of the time, we hope to send a donation to you soon so that you can continue to help those who can't help themselves, the precious puppies and kittens who need us. Thanks again.

Amy Valentini

Tika, all grown up!



Adopted in 2006

Harry  Eastland  O

Harry,  Eastland,  O


Mabel,  SneezyCat (in photo with Mabel)


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