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Did you every wonder what would happen if your pet got lost? The Prince William County Animal Shelter will only hold a dog or cat with no tags or identification for five days. They will hold a pet up to 10 days if the animal has a collar. So there is good news and bad news. The bad news is that any animal found, captured or dropped off at the shelter with an injury is promptly euthanized. The good news is if they are micro-chipped, they have a much better chance of making it home!

Animal shelters, SPCA’s and some veterinarians and rescue groups (like SADSAC) have scanners which will give an ID number which we use to identify the owner and their emergency contacts. SADSAC is now able to microchip your pet for $30.00, or, if you have more than one pet, the cost is $25.00 each. The doctors at Independent Hill Veterinary Clinic are donating their time to do the chipping. Please call for an appointment or request a “chip” at your next visit. The microchip is administered with a needle in the scruff of your pet’s neck. No anesthesia is needed! It takes only a few seconds to protect your pet for a lifetime. Please have your emergency numbers ready and feel free to call Sherry at 703/791-2083 with any questions.



Bob came to us because his owners moved away and left him behind. It took several families working together to capture him before he came to us. Poor Bob has been adopted twice but has come back each time. It seems that when Bob goes to a home where there are no other animals to play with he plays too hard with his humans. He is very easy going, gets along well with other cats and dogs, but needs a playmate. He is solid gray and very regal. He would like to be involved with what-ever you are doing, no matter how mundane. If you or someone you know is interested in Bob, please call Sherry at 703/791-2083. We just know the right owner is out there somewhere!


Pet Adoptions: Saturdays from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Independent Hill Veterinary Clinic.

Craft Show: Bethel United Methodist Church, Saturday, November 6 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Beanie Babies for Sale: Saturdays from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. during pet adoptions at Independent Hill Veterinary Clinic (depending on availability).

Microchipping: Independent Hill Veterinary Clinic, please call 703/791-2083.


Bob - male; smoky gray

Gabby - female; tuxedo (blk/white) long hair

Caesar - male; smoky gray kitten 5 mos. old

Einstein - male; gray/white kitten 5 mos. old

Cuddles #1 - female; black/white

Cuddles #2 - female; gray/white

Sammy - male; black/white kitten 6 mos. old

Roxie - female; gray/white kitten 6 mos. old

Athena - female; tortoise shell kitten 6 mos. old

J.R. - male; orange tabby

Sweetie - female; gray/blk/white tabby

Trephina - female; tortoise shell

Charlotte - female; gray/blk tabby

Mia - female; light orange tortoise shell

Emma - female; tortoise shell

Bruno - male; beagle mix puppy 5 mos. old


ProPlan kitten/cat food

Kitty litter-clump or clay

Yard sale items - bikes, toys, household items, etc.

Cages-wire and vari-kennels

Craft show items - wreaths, flower arrangements, handmade items

Sponsors - can’t adopt or foster a pet? Sponsor one instead by purchasing food, incurring cost for vaccines, etc.

Monetary donations are always gratefully accepted and needed to pay our vet bills!

Volunteers needed to post flyers and assist in set up of cages on adoption days at the vet.


Our heartfelt thanks to Amy Hamilton, who gave a $50.00 donation in memory of her dear Spicy. He was so lucky to have a mom like her. He was very special.

Many thanks to the Sale Family, without them, Nicholas, a cuddly little kitten, would not have known the kindness and warmth of their hearts. We will miss him.

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