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We often get questions about our adoption process. Here are the answers to some of the more frequent ones.

Where do all these pets come from?

Everywhere. Some are strays and some of them are from the feral cat colony we are trying to help.

Why do I need to fill out a form?

We need to know how to contact you, for one thing. In addition, the answers on this form provide a way for us to see if a prospective owner has thought about the responsibility they are undertaking in adopting a pet. We'd also like to know about other pets you might own or have owned in the past. This helps us get an idea of the kind of lifestyle the pet you get from us may experience in your home.

Can't I get a pet from you right away?

No, we need time to look at the pre-adoption form.

Will you check my references?

You bet!

This all seems kind of picky. Why do you go to these lengths if so many animals need homes?

We want to be as sure as possible that the pet we adopt out will have a good home for the rest of its life.

When will I find out if I can take my new pet home?

Probably in a week or less! This depends on how quickly we can reach your references.

What happens if the pet doesn't work out?

Please call us! This does happen sometimes in spite of all the care we take. We want to be sure the families that adopt from us are happy with the pet, and that the pet is happy as part of the family. If the adoption doesn't work out, we will take the animal back and try again to find it a home.

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