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Due to lack of funds and foster homes, Petsavers is unable to accept any animals until further notice

What we do

Petsavers is a group of volunteers who dedicate their spare time to helping animals. They do this by finding homes for abandoned animals and by finding new homes for animals whose owners cannot or do not desire to keep them. Petsavers also spays and neuters all their animals as well as providing other necessary medical procedures such as shots or sometimes even surgery. Petsavers uses the services of various veterinarians around Kitsap County in order to provide this medical care.

Petsavers is a non-profit, non-euthanizing organization. By this we mean that we will not euthanize any animal unless it becomes absolutely necessary because of extreme discomfort to the animal, extreme visciousness of an animal, or an extraordinary amount of money is required to return an animal to normal health. We go to all measures to prevent euthanization whenever possible.

Enjoy, and remember, all the animals listed here need your help.

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Featured Pet

Petsavers is affiliated with If you visit our listing at Petfinder, you will find wonderful animals like the one featured below:

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Petsavers Wish List

Here is a list of the items that Petsavers currently needs to keep up its pet rescue activities. Donations are gladly accepted, and remember, they are tax deductable.

  • KMR Kitten Formula
  • Good Quality Dry Kitten Food
  • Cat and dog collars
  • ID tags, engraved with Petsavers' name and phone number
  • Foster homes
  • Lumber for a Cat Habitat
  • Hardware for Cat Habitat
  • Fencing materials
  • Manual labor for building the Cat Habitat
  • Monetary Donations are always welcome!
  • Volunteers for helping at Petsmart

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PETSAVERS is an official member of the NETWORK. Check out their website for more animals in need of adoption.

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PETSAVERS is a non-profit, non-euthanazing organization.

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