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Miami County Humane Society

"Animals are such agreeable friends; they ask no questions, pass no criticisms."

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What we do:

This committee has developed programs which are presented to the school children grades K - 4th in our county. Also this group works on getting sponsors for a program from the Humane Society of the United States entitled "Adopt - A - Teacher". This is a monthly newsletter with articles and ideas for use in the classroom on animals, nature, and the environment.

The focus of this committee is to find ways to help control our pet overpopulation problem. They offer an on-going low/fixed income spay/neuter program, and a coupon promotion once a year to help with the cost of neutering.

PR advertises events, runs public service announcements and works on informing the public on our activities. Good writers and creative thinkers are always needed!

The Society's constitution is kept up to date by this committee.

This group is trying to build up our membership. Our success depends on our members and since volunteers schedules are always changing, we need a good number of volunteers to keep the society active.

This committee is still being formed. Their goal is to have temporary homes for highly adaptable animals.

Disasters are unfortunately a fact of life. This group is working to implement a plan in case disaster strikes in Miami County. With this plan in place our community will have a program to rescue and care for our animals during the crisis.

Our building on 25A is a "work in progress" and needs to be completed. This committee is working towards that goal.

This committee researches the issues in the county that exist, and keeps the society informed on changing laws and issues that we should focus on locally.

As with any non-profit group this is a critical committee. They work on different fund raisers each year so that we can have the funds to offer the programs that are needed in our community. Past functions have been an auction, car wash, bake sale, garage sale and an ongoing aluminum can drive.

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