The Miami County Humane Society was founded April 13, 1945.   Need for such an organization was realized after a number of cattle and horses were found starved to death in a barn near Tipp City.   Viewing this deplorable sight in 1945 were Miami County Sheriff Charles Green, Clem Bruckner and Michael Norris.   The animal suffering and death viewed by these men and others in the community led to the organization of the Miami County Humane Society in the hope that a tragedy of this type could be avoided in the future.   Sam A. Kraus of Covington was the first President of our Humane Society.   Serving with him in 1945 were Clem Bruckner of Troy as Vice President, George D. Miller as Secretary, H. E. Drewing as Treasurer and Michael Norris as legal advisor.    With the help of Mr. Norris a constitution was adopted; and the Miami County Humane Society was in full operation.

After the Humane Society had been organized for about a year,  Mr. Horace Smith gifted to our Society a building and plot of ground on South County Road 25A.   This building became Miami County's first shelter for stray and homeless animals.   As a result of Mr. Smith's generous donation, members of the Humane Society were able to find homes for thousands of cats and dogs that otherwise would have perished from starvation and disease.

As Miami County's population grew in the 1950's, the number of unwanted pets brought to the Humane Society also increased.   By 1958 it became apparent to the members of the Society that a much larger facility was needed to meet the needs of Miami County.   A concerted effort soon began by members and friends of the Humane Society to raise money for an up-to-date animal shelter.

With the help of many individuals, businesses and organizations enough money was gathered to build a modern animal shelter on North County Road 25A near Troy.   This facility has served as Miami County's only animal shelter since it began operations in 1971.   The members of the Humane Society operated the Animal Shelter until 1977, at which time shelter operations were turned over to Miami County.   The Miami County Animal Shelter is currently operated under the jurisdiction of the Miami County Commissioners.

After shelter operations were turned over to Miami County, members of the Humane Society turned their efforts towards the prevention of animal cruelty and neglect through an active program of educating citizens on the humane care and treatment of animals.   As a part of this program our Society has spent thousands of dollars to assist in the spaying and neutering of pets in order to reduce the vast numbers of unwanted pets born in our communities each year.

During the 1980's a frequent topic at Humane Society meetings was the need for an office and meeting space for our organization.   A building fund was established and fund raising began for a new building..

In 1991, Mr. Jack Hines of Troy donated a building site on North County Road 25A to the Humane Society.  Construction began on our new facility in the spring of 1992.   The new building is located at 1190 North County  Road 25A.

As the members of the Miami County Humane Society  look to the future, we hope to build an organization that can continue to grow and provide more services to the people of Miami County.    We plan to continue our programs in humane education, spaying and neutering of pets, and the prevention of animal cruelty.   With the help and support of new members and volunteers we believe that we can make our county a better place to live not only for the people of Miami County but for our animal friends as well.