Miami County Humane Society

Fund Raising Programs

You can help! All we need are your receipts and/or proof-of-purchase symbols from various products. The programs we are currently involved in are:

Dad’s Have a Heart Program

How Does Have a Heart Work? The program is simple. Save proof-of-purchase symbols from all Dad’s cat or dog foods, including Kibble Select. Then send the symbols to the Miami County Humane Society. The Humane Society sends them to Dad’s Products and redeems them for cash. The symbols are worth between 2 and 10 cents, depending on the package size.

Homeless Homer

Save Homeless Homer symbols from all Heinze pet food products. Some examples are Kibble ‘n Bits, Gravy Train, Gaines Burgers, Snausages, Meaty Bones, Cycle, 9 Lives, Pounce, and more. Look for the Homeless Homer symbol on the package, cut it out, and save it. When you get enough to make it worth your while, send them to the Miami County Humane Society.

Dorothy Lane Market’s Good Neighbor Program

If you shop at Dorothy Lane Market, or know anyone who does, get and use a Club DLM card. When you use it, go to the service booth and designate the Miami County Humane Society as the non-profit organization you wish to support. The Humane Society will get 1% of what you spend at the store.

Community Cash

Save store receipts from Fulmer, Bob & Carl’s, Sack ‘N Save, Ev’s, Community Markets, or Great Scot Supermarkets. The Humane Society can turn them into cash.

Community Club Awards (CCA)

Save receipts from the following sponsors. Send them to the Miami County Humane Society. We can turn them in to Clear Channel Communications and they will give us a cash award for them The sponsors are:

Save and send us your CCA receipts dated from June 1, 2000, onward.

Please tell us about any other programs you know about. Cash (or more rightly the lack of it) is always a problem in a non-profit organization like ours.