Critter Totes

The Totes pictured below are available on a first come basis. Call 310-679-3435 for availability. Then pick up your purchase at our next scheduled Saturday adoption.

All have drawstrings as shown in example #2 and a pocket as shown in example #3. Some have leashes and matching body harness where pictured. They are available as long as they last for a twenty-five to thirty-five dollar donation depending on size and leash. Examples #1 and #2 show a 13 pound Bichon Frise named Peaches.

(Click on photo for larger image)

Example #1 - Bichon Frise

Example #2 - Draw String

Example #3 - Pocket

Tote 31

Tote 33

Tote 34

Tote 35

Tote 36

Tote 37

Tote 40

Tote 41

Tote 42

Tote 43

Tote 44

Tote 45

Tote 46