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Browse photos of our animals at work and at play.  Sometimes you can't tell the difference because they enjoy what they do and love being with people.

Oh yeah, none of them are camera shy either!


Nursing Facilities and Hospice  The most important thing we do is share our animals with the sick and elderly.  Our animals love visiting and being petted.  The most rewarding thing for the handlers is knowing we've provided some moments of joy and fellowship with folks who are sometimes forgotten or with families that are facing a painful time.  2002 Holiday Party at Dallas Wellstar Nursing Home.

Schools  Helping with reading fluency, providing a topic for a fun story, lending a nonjudgmental ear, helping disabled children deal with their environment, or teaching dog bite prevention are all parts of the Canines in the Classroom Program.

Dallas Christmas Parade  This is one of our all time favorite chances to get together and meet the public.  The dogs love the "oohing", "aahing" and  extra petting, because you just can't be petted too much.  This is a link to the pics of the 2007 Parade.

Fourth of July Parade  Our first time at the Douglasville July Fourth Parade was a blast.  We look forward to attending again, but weather in recent years has forced us to bow out in the best interest of the dogs’ health.

Paulding County Halloween Village  This is Paulding County's  fun alternative to "Trick or Treating".  The kids had a great time playing games for prizes and candy, but the dogs were in "get petted heaven."


Ellie's Graduation Trip   As a part of Ellie's public access test, she and her trainer, Claudia, worked such interesting sites as Apalachicola, Wakulla Springs, and Tallahassee, Florida.

Doggie Days   Our annual fun festival for dogs and their families.

DreamWorkers' Annual Picnic   A chance for members, friends, and family to share some fellowship and hike with their four-footed friends.


Past Friends  This is a link to bios on our past friends & members.