Dog Training Classes


Classes are open to all dogs 4 months of age and up.              **NO females in heat allowed!!**


Bring to class:

Proof of current rabies vaccination (bring to first class)

Leash six feet or less, leather leashes are preferred (No Flexi-type leashes!)

Dog treats, something soft to easily break into bite size pieces (something that smells a lot is great)

Training collar (commonly called a “choke chain” but we don’t use them that way)

Water for you and your dog (be sure to remember a bowl)

Plastic bags (we always clean up after our dogs!)


Family members are encouraged to participate in training classes, however, one person should be the primary trainer.

**Children will need to be supervised by someone other than the primary trainer.

Pre-registration is required.  For additional information or registration please call the phone numbers listed under “class times.”

Class Times

Evening Session:  6:00-7:00 (please arrange with Cat.)

Where:  Powder Springs Passive Park (link below)

Obedience for Life Class 1:00

this is also our Beginners Class

Dreamworkers Therapy Certification Class 2:00

also known offered as an Advanced Class

Where:  Powder Springs Passive Park

Classes do not meet during inclement weather (i.e. rain or below 40 degrees)

Training Director:  Cat Klass    404-421-1966

Apprentice Trainer:  Rhonda Hunt    678-522-9639

Class Information:  Lauri Morataya    678-355-9088

What you will learn

The goals of Obedience for Life Classes are to prepare your dog for passing the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test, improve socialization with people and other dogs, deal with the distractions common in today's suburban settings, and most importantly to improve the bond between you and your pet.

Things you and your pet will learn:
 *Proper leash control.
 *Voice commands and hand signals.
 *Various commands and techniques such as: Sit, Down, Heel, Come, and STAY!

In addition to mastering basic obedience skills your dog can learn tricks and other useful behaviors. 

After completing the first six week session, students may choose to "rollover" to begin the next session. 

Canine Good Citizen testing is offered at intervals so that dogs may have regular opportunities to take the test.

Cost:  $45.00 per six-week session

Carrollton Classes
Dog Obedience 

Dog Obedience (dogs one year and older)

Contact Cat for details

These classes are sponsored through the Carroll County Humane Society. 

For further information, please contact Cat Klass 404-421-1966


Dreamworkers Therapy Dog Visits
Thursday afternoons in Douglasville, evenings in Dallas

     Dallas WellStar Nursing Facility, Dallas

If you are interested in doing therapy work with your pet, please use the link to our  Certification Process page for more in-depth information.



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