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Referral listings to available Dobermans and Rescue groups listed by state - 2006
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Jeeves - rescue doberman
This boy was adopted from
Dogs Hope Rescue
in North Carolina

I hope you will consider adopting a doberman that does not necessarilly meet all of your desired critera - such as cropped ears, or not the color you think you want. Maybe you might even consider an older dog or even a mix. They can all make great pets if you nurture them and love them.

To those of you who have shared stories and pictures with me - I love them.


In addition to the states pages see:
link to Basic Rescue Information
link to Doberman Rescue Organizations & information about Doberman Rescue
link to Rescue Representatives: complete listing by state
Rescue Doberman Pinscher Club of America - Rescue Directory lists dogs available by breed and zipcode. - dogs, cats, etc. in animal shelters, search by breed. Search by zipcode, breed.

If you are looking for a doberman you can:

Visit the page for your state pages to find contacts for your area.

Dobermans are currently available in pounds, shelters, rescue facilities, and foster homes all over the United States and Canada.

Visit your local animal control facilities and contact your local rescue groups if you are interested in adding a doberperson to your life.

Check with your local shelters. See Petfinder (put in your zipcode, search by breed) and
(by zipcode).

See also
Kyler Laird's list of animal shelters for a local listing.

If you need to place your doberman, please go to the state page, or Canada to find a contact for your area. Contact the rescue for your area first.

Animated image doberman playing with ball.

Comments I love to get:

"As a result of visiting your web site, I did go to our dumb friends shelter and found a marvelous doberman [because his ears and tail were not cropped, some workers thought he was another breed]. He is well trained, very mellow and a neat addition to my life. Thank you on behalf of both of us." Barbara

Please consider adopting an older doberman, or one that is not quite perfect on the outside.   He or she will quickly show you the real meaning of "perfect."

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