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Only dogs on this page are available for adoption; all other dogs are adopted.

Please consider making one of these wonderful dogs part of your family. They are special and need a good, loving home. All dogs are spayed, neutered and tattooed. Call or email for further information about any dog. An adoption application must be submitted for consideration.

We've been receiving calls lately to rescue several dogs and puppies. We've unfortunately been having to turn them down due to the lack of FOSTER HOMES. PLEASE contact us immediately if you are able to foster a dobe.


Minnie, DRL #1967
Minnie DRL #1967
Minnie is 2 years old, r/t n/d. She is good with other dogs after she is introduced to them. She craves affection and loves to cuddle with her foster mom. She is a sweetheart and very petite. She does need to go through an obedience class and will be a joy to her new home.

Max, DRL #1969
Max DRL #1969
Max is a 9 month old male b/t, n/d. He is currently attending obedience classes with his Foster Dad 'Bob' and is doing quite well. He is very sweet and loves attention. He's young and energetic.

Leftie, DRL #1970
Leftie DRL #1970
Leftie is a 2 year old b/t c/d female with one ear down. She came to us much thiner than we would normally like, however she is very healthy.

Baretta, DRL #1929
Baretta DRL #1929
**Baretta is an 8yr old female b/t, c/d. We would like Baretta and Zues to be adopted together or seperately if necessary.

Zues, DRL #1928
Zues DRL #1928
**Zues is a 4yr old male r/t, c/d. We would like Baretta and Zues to be adopted together or seperately if necessary.

Heida DRL #1968
Heidi DRL #1968
Heidi was turned in to us by an an owner who was being evected from his apartment and had no where to go with her. She had been their family pet for 7 years. They adopted her from the Humane Society when she was 1 yr. old. The Lauderhill police officer that was evecting the owner from the apartment knew about Dobe Rescue as she has Dobies and knew the Humane Society would put her down. She has a large scar on her head and she had a 5 lb. fatty tumor on her front chest which we had removed. She is pigeon toed, we don't know if she was born that way or was in an accident that broke her fron ankles. She loves to play in the water and loves to go in the surf at the beach. She is very sweet but when she takes a shoe or a shirt she does not want to give it back. She loves to play with a large basketball which she hides in the bushes after she gets it when you throw it. She will remain in a retirement home at Dobe Rescue for the rest of her life. The retirment home people love her. The rest of her life will be happy and loving.

Reminder: b/t = black and tan, r/t = red and tan, other colors are fawn and blue
c/d = cropped and docked, n/d = natural and docked



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